OUR MISSION FOR 2020: To Inspire Companies to:

What makes a successful system?

  • Successful systems will be part of your overall business operation, as important as the other things you do to succeed in business.

  • Successful safety & health systems have the following in place:

  • Managers committed to making the program work.

  • Employees involved in the program system to identify and control hazards.

  • Compliance with OSHA regulations.

  • Training on safe work practices.

  • Mutual respect, caring and open communication in the climate  a conducive to safety.

  • Continuous improvement.

The Importance of Health & Safety in the Workplace:

  • Prevent Illness & Injury

  • Reduce Health & Safety Hazards

  • Avoid Serious Consequences

  • Reduce Workplace Stress

  • Reduce property/machinery damage

  • Worker productivity increases

  • Corporate reputation / public relations improvement

Safety Before Production!

The hidden costs:

The hidden costs refer to longer term impacts on the business due to unsafe

work environments, even before an accident or incident occurs.

  • Delays of projects and schedules

  • Equipment damage

  • Investigation of actions and implementation to correct them

  • Cost of other government benefits required by injured workers

  • Loss of skilled workers

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