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Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Career Path Development

By completing the online “Black Friday SHEQ-GURU” assessment and achieving amongst the first 15 highest scores, will qualify you for the following prizes:


•    OSHEMAN (Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management) Course, aligned with the National OSH Management Diploma, NQF Level 5. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 20)
•    OSHEARS (Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Advanced Representative and Supervisor) Course, aligned with the National OSH Certificate, NQF Level 4. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 10)
•    Any of our 3 Day Training Courses, including ISO. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 5)
•    Any of our 2 Day Training Courses. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 2)
•    Any of our 1 Day Training Courses. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 1)
•    Free SHEQ-GURU individual subscription for 12 months. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 3)

Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits:

Credits can be applied according to the ranking (1-15) and the relevant credits as indicated below. The respective winners have the choice where to apply their credits with regards to their available amount of credits.
•    1st Place: 20 Credits
•    2nd Place: 10 Credits
•    3rd Place: 5 Credits
•    5th Place: 3 Credits
•    6th to 10th Place: 2 Credits each
•    11th to 15th Place: 1 Credit each

General Information:

•    All training courses are subjected to the BRS Training Schedule. 
•    Prizes are valid for 12 months.
•    Where equal scores are achieved, BRS will apply a random selection process in order to identify the 15 winners.