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Michael Louw – Biography


My name is Michael Louw.  I am currently the Operations Manager for Business Risk Solutions, an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) service provider to Namibia and beyond.  I mainly focus on:

•    Health and Safety training
•    Occupational Health and Safety hazard identification and risk assessments
•    Integrated Management System development and auditing
•    Incident investigation
•    Safety, Health, Environment and Quality consulting

I recognise that nothing is more important than the protection of Health, Safety and the Environment of/for all stakeholders, specifically the employees, contractors, visitors and local communities.  In addition, I strive to change the awareness of personnel to be more behavioural-based and am fully committed to the principles of a Zero Harm culture.  I firmly believe in the individual right to return home safe and healthy at the end of each working shift.

Experience and recognition

I have been working in the Namibian Mining industry since 1986, predominantly in open-cast mines, but have also worked offshore in the diamond sector as well as oil and gas.  I began my career in the Electrical field but soon moved onto Reliability Engineering, which focussed on predictive maintenance as well as quality control and production uptime.  I subsequently moved into a dedicated HSE role during 2008, where I received numerous safety recognition awards, including an award for Safest Project in 2010 (Acid Plant demolition).  The mine where I was employed as a Safety Specialist, at the time, also experienced the lowest AIFR in more than 15 years.

In 2003 I moved to the Marine industry (returned to Mining in 2010). During my seven years in the Marine industry, I was certified by the top five shipping classification bodies, namely: ABS, BV, DNV, GL and LR to carry out vessel inspections.  I also received a NOSA platinum award for my company’s safety management system as well as being an Approved Inspection Authority for pressure vessel inspections and NDT.


I have more than 30 years’ experience in the following:

a.    Incident investigation (Essential Factors, Taproot and ICAM trained)
b.    Occupation Health and Safety training
c.    Hazard identification and risk assessment
d.    OHS system development and auditing

I have been on the Namibian Chamber of Mines – Safety Committee for 10 years, where I was instrumental in assisting the Chief Inspector of Mines with the drafting and reviewing of the Namibian Mines Health and Safety Regulations.

I have also assisted with the drafting of OHS unit standards, in conjunction with the NTA, as well as being part of the Technical Committee reviewing the ISO 45001 with the NSI.


1.    NEBOSH International Diploma
2.    UNISA BTech – Safety Management
3.    UNISA National Diploma – Safety Management
4.    Electrical Diploma
5.    Multiple Condition Monitoring short courses
6.    Multiple OHS short courses

Professional registration

1.    IOSM
2.    SAIOSH