Win N$ 150,000.00 
Black Friday SHEQ-GURU System & Resource Development

Business scores will be determined by the highest totals achieved by two of its employees, of which one of the employees should be one of the 15 individual winners. By completing the online “Black Friday SHEQ-GURU” assessment, achieving amongst the first 5 highest scores (the sum of two individual scores) and subscribed for November 2020 will qualify you for the following prizes:


1. A BRS Retainer agreement for a year. This include a monthly one-day visit on any of our comprehensive services. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 50)
2.  Free SHEQ-GURU business subscription for 12 months. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 40)
3. A BRS Integrated HSE 5 Star Grading Audit and Certification, 3 Days. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 30)
4. A BRS HSE Legal Compliance Audit and Certification, 2 Days. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 20)
5.  Any of our 1 Day Services, including ISO. (Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits = 10)

Black Friday SHEQ-GURU Prize Credits:

Credits can be applied according to the ranking (1-15) and the relevant credits as indicated below. The respective winners have the choice where to apply their credits with regards to their available amount of credits.

•    1st Place: 50 Credits
•    2nd Place: 40 Credits
•    3rd Place: 30 Credits
•    4th Place: 20 Credits
•    5th Place: 10 Credits

General Information:

•    All services are subjected to the BRS Schedule. 
•    Prizes are valid for 12 months.
•    Where equal scores are achieved, BRS will apply a random selection process in order to identify the 5 winners.