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Audit Purpose & Scope

An (O)SHEQ audit has a wide scope, and although addressing hazards and risk controls, it also looks at organisational structures, planning activities, responsibilities, implemented procedures, review cycles and measurement and evaluation issues.


The auditor shall keep all information observed and captured confidential as required by the Government Notice No 156 (Labour Act 6 of 1992): Regulations relating to the safety, health, environment and quality of employees at work (Chapter 2, Regulation 27).

Audit Objectives
•    To determine the conformity or non-conformity of the SHE system elements with specified legislative, risk exposure and system requirements.
•    To determine the conformity or non-conformity to facility SHE system requirements.
•    To provide the auditee with an opportunity to improve the SHE program.
•    To assess the ability of the SHE system in place to ensure future compliance. 
•    To share the auditor’s knowledge on best available practice with the auditee.

Audit Scope
•    The audit will cover the required disciplines within the framework of the existing National (O)SHLEQ legislation & international standards & safe practices.
•    An audit included non-conformities from the previous audits.

BRS – Legal Compliance Auditing

Our “Legal Compliance Auditing” is benchmarked at the relevant National legislation and comprises of two levels:
1.    Basic Legal Compliance; and
2.    Legal Compliance

BRS – SHEQ-GURU Integrated Five Star System


Our “BRS – SHEQ-GURU Integrated Five Star System” makes provision for grading the SHEQ disciplines separately or as a an Integrated SHEQ System.

Our “BRS – SHEQ-GURU Integrated Five Star System” makes provision for analysis against the following:
•    Relevant National OSH Legislation & relevant Standards and/or Specifications
•    SHEQ ISO Standards: ISO 9001: Quality, 14001: Environment & 45001: Occupational Health & Safety
•    International & BRS SHEQ Practices 
•    BRS Minimum Element Requirements (MER’s)
•    Industrial SHEQ Objectives, Requirements & Expectations
•    Relevant Manufacturer’s Guidelines & Safety Data Sheets, including MSDS’s

Our “BRS – SHEQ-GURU Integrated Five Star System” includes the following parameters:

BRS Table.png

•    F: Fatality
•    IDD: Irreversible diagnosed disease                            
•    LWD: Lost workday
•    LTIFR: Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
•    MLNC Major Legal Non-Compliances
•    NIHL: Noise Induced Hearing Loss
•    PD: Permanent Disability                
•    PPD: Permanent Partial Disability
•    RDD: Reversible diagnosed disease                    
•    RWD: Restricted Workday

Exposure Periods: No of Employees / Maximum exposure period used in calculating LTIFR:
•    ≥300 / 12-months/one year
•    250 – 299 / 24-months/two years
•    101 – 249 / 36-months/three years
•    51 – 100 / 48-months/four years
•    ≤50 / 60-months/five years
•    ≤20 / 72-months/six years


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