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Business Risk Solutions


BRS Business Risk Solutions was established by Herman Engelbrecht on the 1st of September 2008 and will be celebrated our 12th anniversary on 31st of August 2020. BRS grew in strength over the past twelve years to a staff compliment of seven operational / service providing staff and a well-established office in Swakopmund including a fully equipped training facility.

BRS associates and positions itself in terms of key corporate and professional characteristics, including:

  • Our quality driven prompt services delivered across Namibia.

  • The long-term relationship developed with the relevant Authorities.

  • Partnership with Namibian NEEEF compliant SME’s.

  • The development and investment into Namibian citizens.

  • Exclusive services to a very wide range of industries, including but not limited to mining, engineering, construction, manufacturing and hospitality.

  • Alignment of our services and products to NTA, NQA and NSI requirements.

  • Alignment of our services and products to relevant national legal requirements and standards.

  • Alignment of our services and products to relevant international standards and safe practices.

  • Addressing a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to (occupational) safety, health, environment and quality.

  • Offering a wide range of products and services, including but not limited to training, awareness, posters, development, implementation, improvement, auditing, reviewing and certification.

  • Our logistic commitment by delivering services and products to all areas and locations in Namibia.

  • The relevant competence, qualifications and experience of our consultants and supporting staff.

  • Our competitive pricing structure and settlement opportunities.

For more than twelve years of doing business across Namibia. We developed a proactive and very efficient marketing strategy to promote our products and penetrate new geographical areas. This strategy follows a cycle of creating awareness, engaging the prospective client, educating legislative responsibility, generating sales and lastly measuring effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Namibian market with regards to Occupational Safety, health, environment and quality is still developing and expanding as the industry becomes aware of what Namibian law requires of it. We therefore foresee a lot of prospective competitors entering this lucrative field. BRS currently strives to position itself solidly by running an aggressive marketing campaign and developing long-term agreements and good relationships with its customers.  

We have some strong competition of relevant Namibian as well as international service providers. What plays in our favour at present is the fact that these companies offer mostly the same products as BRS, but with less promotional campaigns and a smaller amount of operational and administrative personnel. This fact is supported by the small amount of resistance we encounter when running our marketing campaigns.

BRS consists of a strong, passionate team with years of experience in this particular business as well as in many parts of the Namibian business sectors. This includes mining, adult education, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales and construction.

At BRS we believe that we stand before an opportunity to grow into a sizable business, adding true value to our Namibian customers and the wider business community as a whole.

As patrons of the Namibian nation, we strive to add our voice and our energy, in order to uplift and grow our people towards a safe and healthy workforce which could provide a better future for our children.

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