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BRS Business Risk Solutions is a leading Namibian supplier of (O)SHLEFQ and related services to the private & public sectors in Namibia. The company is committed to a Policy of ZERO harm and continuous improvement through periodical review of its Occupational Health & Safety Program.

BRS considers their employees to be its most valuable asset and undertakes to safeguard them, as far as possible and reasonably practicable, from injury or damage to health and provide adequate facilities & arrangements for the welfare of employees arising from any of the activities and operations associated with BRS Business Risk Solutions.

Health, Safety & Welfare legislation places the onus for the Health, Safety & Welfare of employees and persons other than employees upon the Managing Director of BRS Business Risk Solutions. In turn, this onus has been formally assigned to senior and operational management, who are charged with compliance and required to ensure that the legal duties are fully and effectively discharged and adhered to.

Employer’s (Management) obligations

In accordance with this Policy, BRS undertakes:

•    to provide a safe and healthy work environment that complies with legislation

•    to ensure effective communication & consultation of the OHS Program

•    to ensure that hazard identification and risk assessment is conducted

•    to provide training and education to employees on an on-going basis

•    to encourage immediate and follow up treatment of illness or injury

•    to set OHS objectives and targets and strive to reach target dates

•    to arrange necessary OHS appointments required by legislation

•    to minimize hazards & risks as far as reasonably practicable

•    to ensure personal, electrical and mechanical safeguarding

•    to provide correct tools, equipment & material to do the job

•    to conduct incident investigation and do corrective action

•    to ensure all necessary OHS surveys are conducted

•    to ensure all necessary medical tests are conducted

•    to conduct audits and give feedback.

Manager/Supervisor’s obligations

All managers & supervisors are responsible, by law:
•    to maintain the OHS climate provided for and expected by management & legislation
•    to ensure that management is aware of OHS deviations as soon as they arise
•    to ensure that all tools & equipment are maintained and used correctly
•    to conduct training and safety talks and to create health & safety awareness.

Employee’s obligations

All employees are directly involved in the achievement of these objectives. They will advise and assist managers and supervisors to ensure that all problems relating to Health, Safety & Welfare prevention & protection are given the required attention and brought to the notice of management. Employee’s obligations to ensure the achievement of these objectives include:

•    to comply with all Health, Safety & Welfare preventative & protection measures

•    to take reasonable care for their own health, safety and welfare, as well as those of others

•    to take reasonable care to prevent the loss or damage of company property

•    to ensure that protective clothing and safety equipment are used as required

•    to report all unhealthy or unsafe acts or conditions to their supervisors, or OHS representative.


The co-operation of staff at all levels, as a committed team, in carrying out the Policy will ensure the safest and healthiest possible working conditions, thus minimizing injury, sickness, damage and loss. An elaboration of this Policy is developed in the BRS Business Risk Solutions’ OHS Program.

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