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BRS’s mission is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations in the OSHEQ environment in Namibia by continuously improving and updating skills and resources needed to ensure Namibian companies adhere to and strive for a better working environment, which also meets international quality standards in all regards.

Objectives, targets and aims

  • To streamline business processes and procedures

  • To comply to legal and statutory requirements

  • To reduce safety, health, environment and quality  hazards in the workplace

  • To conserve the environment

  • To provide knowledge and motivation to our customers

  • To assist customers to achieve company objectives

  • To identify areas of improvement in the companies we serve

  • To offer solution and to help customers improve their set goals

  • To provide quality training on all levels of OSHEQ

  • To constantly and regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure continuous improvement.


BRS Business Risk Solutions strives to assist, educate, implement and enhance OSHEQ nationally as well as internationally.

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